Drawing of Eli Newberger by Carolyn Newberger

Drawing of Eli Newberger by Carolyn Newberger

Research on Child Abuse

    1. Reducing the Literal and Human Cost of Child Abuse: Impact of a New Hospital Management System
    2. Child Abuse Incidence and Reporting by Hospitals: Significance of Severity, Class, and Race
    3. Returning Children Home: Clinical Decision Making in Cases of Child Abuse and Neglect
    4. Pediatric Social Illness: Toward an Etiologic Classification
    5. Child Abuse and Pediatric Social Illness: An Epidemiological Analysis and Ecological Reformulation
    6. Child Abuse and Accidents in Black Families: A Controlled Comparative Study
    7. Environmental Correlates of Pediatric Social Illness: Preventive Implications of an Advocacy Approach
    8. Consensus and Difference Among Hospital Professionals in Evaluating Child Maltreatment
    9. Failure to Thrive: A Controlled Study of Familial Characteristics
    10. Knowledge and Epidemiology of Child Abuse: A Critical Review of Concepts
    11. Child Abuse: The Current Theory Base and Future Research Needs
    12. Mothers of Sexually Abused Children: Trauma and Repair in Longitudinal Perspective

Read also this 2004 book chapter by Carolyn Newberger and Isabelle Gremy: Clinical and Institutional Interventions and Children’s Resilience and Recovery from Sexual Abuse


Research on Child Health

  1. Pediatric Social Illness: Toward an Etiologic Classification
  2. Childhood Ingestions as Symptoms of Family Distress

Clinical Management of Child Abuse

  1. Compassion vs Control – Conceptual and Practical Pitfalls in the Broadened Definition of Child Abuse
  2. The Medicalization and Legalization of Child Abuse
  3. Pediatric Understanding of Child Abuse and Neglect
  4. Interdisciplinary Group Process in the Hospital Management of Child Abuse and Neglect
  5. Pediatric Interview Assessment of Child Abuse
  6. Child Physical Abuse
  7. A Physician’s Perspective on the Interdisciplinary Management of Child Abuse
  8. Sequelae of reporting child abuse

Shaken Baby Syndrome

  1. Commonwealth v. Louise Woodward, transcript of direct examination of Dr. Eli Newberger, Middlesex Superior Court, Cambridge, MA. October 15, 1997
  2. Commonwealth v. Louise Woodward, transcript of cross-examination
  3. Video of direct and cross-examination (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)

Domestic Violence

  1. Abuse of Pregnant Women and Adverse Birth Outcome
  2. Victimization of Mothers of Abused Children: A Controlled Study

Clergy Abuse and Pedophilia

  1. Abuse of Children by Priests in the Boston Archdiocese: Violations of Applicable Standards of Care
  2. When the Pediatrician Is a Pedophile
  3. Dr. Eli Newberger on pedophilia and the Penn State crisis: NE Cable News, 11/15/11

Read also this 2003 article by Carolyn Newberger: The Sexual Abuse Crisis: What Have We Learned and What Issues Do We Still Have to Face?


Social Policy

  1. Child Health in America: Toward a Rational Public Policy
  2. Child Abuse in the International Year of the Child
  3. The Myth of the Battered Child Syndrome
  4. Child Abuse and Neglect: Toward a Firmer Foundation for Practice and Policy
  5. Child Physical Abuse: Definition, Prevalence, and Prevention
  6. The Helping Hand Strikes Again – Unintended Consequences of Child Abuse Reporting
  7. Treating This Heavy Midlife of Men

For a full list of Eli Newberger’s publications, see his Curriculum Vitae