• Strengthening the Characters of Boys: What We Know and Can Do
    Presented at the White House Conference on Helping America’s Children
    Washington, D.C. on October 27, 2005.
  • “The Men They Will Become: Strengthening Character in Fathers and Boys”
    Keynote Address, National Headstart Institute on Father Involvement: Strengthening the Characters of Boys and Fathers, Dallas, TX, June 15, 2004.
    Video of presentation
  • Dr. Eli Newberger on pedophilia and the Penn State crisis: NE Cable News, 11/15/11.
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  • 2004 Father’s Day interview on CBS.
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  • Testimony, Commonwealth v. Louise Woodward. Middlesex Superior Court, Cambridge, MA. October 15, 1997.
    Watch video part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

  • Child Abuse, Pediatrics, and Society. Medical Grand Rounds, Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. September 16, 1992.
    Watch video part 1, part 2, part 3