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Eli Newberger is a pediatrician, musician, and teacher.  He invites you to share the words and music of his site, which includes chapters from his book on boys, The Men They Will Become, as well as articles on child health, child protection, and music, and audio and video recordings.

Eli Newberger, M.D., a leading figure in the movement to improve the protection and care of children, is renowned for his ability to bring together good sense and science on the main issues of family life.

After Eli studied piano, organ, and theory at Juilliard and tuba with William Bell of the New York Philharmonic, he went to Yale, majoring in music theory and graduating as a Scholar of the House in Music.

In the Library, please find 3 archives: a Medical one, where you can read clinical, research and health policy publications; a Musical one, containing music reviews and articles, including The Medicine of the Tuba and chapters from The Men They Will Become: The Nature and Nurture of Male Character